My Quarantine Watchlist

Hey, everyone! After writing my post about feeling overwhelmed by content, I decided to make a watchlist. It came in handy due to the Coronavirus Quarantine. Some of the titles on the list I have been able to watch in the last few days. Hopefully, I will be able to get through these, so I can watch more stuff. Let me know what you think of some of these titles.

Without further ado, here is my watchlist!

The Wire

Marriage Story

The Bling Ring- I watched this one the other night. I am a Sofia Coppola fan, so I was psyched to see her name pop up as Writer and Director. The film dissects the idea of privacy, and how it easy it can be to have access to other people’s lives. I wasn’t really attached to the characters, and didn’t have any feelings toward them. Still something I recommend.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – I am in the progress of watching. This is extremely heavy.

On My Block

The Talented Mr. Ripley 

A Wrinkle in Time 

The Little Hours 

Horse Girl 

Wanda –

Tie me up, Tie Me Down 

A Brief History of Time


Paris, Texas – A fan of slow cinema, I really enjoyed this film. The color palette works to bolster the emotions of the characters. This is definitely not a watch for people who need a lot of stuff happening. This film is definitely unique.

A Woman Under The Influence

The Seventh Seal

Seven Samurai 

Drunken Angel 

High and Low

The Witcher – “Throw a coin to your Witcher..” Although I think this might have been a bit overhyped, I really enjoyed watching this series. Unlike Paris, Texas, this show has a LOT going on. Lot of timelines to follow. Looking forward to the next season for sure.

Lock and Key 


Laser Wolf

Overwhelmed by content consumption

Our consumer society has reached a point where all media platforms flood you with content. Original or not, consumers scroll through tons of content daily. Between Instagram, Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, Tiktok, the 24 hour news cycle, your friend’s podcast, the list goes on. None of us can successfully ignore content we do not want to see. 

Everything feels as though it is considered content these days. What I considered content is correct, yet it just covers a fraction of the definition. My personal definition of content was anything pertaing or promoting a business or some form of art. When I say business, I discuss platforms that use advertisments to sell a service and/or product. For example, cleaning products, make up, where to file your taxes, stuff like that. Now, the concept of content has grown into encompassing everything that can be manipulated into digestablie content. I grew deeply interested in what can be considered content upon graduating college. As a writer, clearly I needed to learn how I should brand my creative content. That is where I started to dig. Quickly, I learned that practically anything can be content. A picture of yourself doing something related to your field, content. A post workout picture, content. Vacation pictures that people post days, months, and years after, content. Pictures of your pets, content. Hanging out at a party, content. Bonus points if it is a premiere or launch party. It is simply not enough to have your content focus around your work. In order for your content to be successful in the values of views, likes, and followers, you must sell everything that you identify with as your content. Simply put, just posting one aspect of yourself is not enough. A TV series’ social media cannot just post about a new season premiering soon, but also show content that interacts with its audience. It is not enough to follow, or binge, these shows and ingest their exclusive content on their social accounts. People want to click on a profile and see authenticity. Despite catfishing and people embellishing their lives that people seem to keep following and falling for, most people have a good radar for bon afide content on social media. 

So, Sabrina, what is it that you really want to say about content. *Deep inhale* I am overwhelmed by the amount of content. It feels wrong of me to start a new show from my queue without giving it my full undivided attention. Life can have us all multitasking when it comes down to the point of the day where I can digest the content I enjoy, the overwhelming amount of new shows and movies causes me stress and indecision that leads to me rewatching a show. This cycle of “I want to watch somehing new” “There is too much to pick” “I’m going to play It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” I love that there is so much content out there for every kind of person. Do not get me wrong about that. I just struggle to find what I actually enjoy while trying to keep up with all the new releases. Maybe, I am oversaturated by ingesting content from literally everywhere. Taking a break sounds easy, but is it today? As a filmmaker, I am super hard on myself for not always staying informed on new releases, films in the festival circuit, and movies I should have already seen. I need to get out of this rut cycle and find more content I enjoy. With more time and motivation, I will prioritze digesting content that makes me laugh, enlightens me on a point of view not familiar with my own, and entertains me. When I take in better quality content, I will also be able to improve my content naturally. Oh, this is exciting stuff. I need to just be a bit harder on myself when I find it easy to rewatch instead of going for something new. I also need to discern better on what accounts I want to follow on my social media accounts. There’s only so much space I can hold for people I only kind of know. So, it is also a mission of mine to find real accounts by real working filmmakers, writers, artists, etc. I have found a couple accounts so far that I really enjoy, and I have so much faith that I will find more. 

Thank you for reading my opinion on how I am overwhelmed by the mass amount of content I face daily. All the people reading deserve a cozy night on the couch or in bed watching a new show that has quite literally rock their socks off.

Love And Light, 



Let’s Catch Up

What’s up, everybody?! Guess who’s back?

What is new with me? Sticking to things I set my mind to, for one. Okay, Sabrina, be serious for a minute. 

As of today, I officially finalized my script “Frankie.” It is going to be the first of four shorts in a series. I am super pumped to make this short. I definitely will be tracking my production progress, so please stay tuned. Besides making these shorts, I am working on an educational Sex Ed Web Series titled “Fuck University.” Although our team are still in pre-production, definitely give their podcast a listen. Other than those two projects, I have been busy working at my day job. I’ve been getting more hours, which means I can finally have money to spend on useless crap! “Just kidding”, my bills said. 

A few months back, I got the AMC A-List membership, which allows me to see up to 3 movies a week. It’s keeping me busy and up to date on releases. In case you were wondering, my favorite films from 2019 were Honey Boy, Queen and Slim, Parasite, Uncut Gems, and Booksmart. OH, this week, I saw The Invisible Man. I stress ate all my popcorn within the first half an hour. 

My new favorite show is Peaky Blinders. Not only is the storylines incredible and cinematography pleasing to watch, you get to see Cillian Murphy’s fine self in a suit. Honestly, what could be better? 

Other than all that, I don’t have anything new going on. I still in Los Angeles, still at the coffee shop, and still playing Pokemon Go. I hope my readers are doing well. I’m sure you guys noticed some of my poems and writing prompts. In the future, I will be post more of that alongside these blog pieces. Oh, I’ll mix some photography posts in there as well.

It is time for me to wrap this up. It was nice catching up. The ‘Frankie’ instagram will be up and running shortly for everyone to see. If you are interested learning more about the webseries I’m attached to, check out the podcast “F*ck University Presents: Office Hours” on Spotify. 

Love and Light, 


Thankful For:

  1. My Parents
  2. My Parents’ Parents
  3. My Parents’ Parents’ Parents’
  4. My sister Bella
  5. Not looking like Cinderella
  6. The way you tie your tie
  7. The sparkle in your eye
  8. Kisses
  9. The Missus
  10. Accepting the Passage
  11. Living like a Refined Savage
  12. The Planet
  13. The People, but don’t tell them.
  14. Each Life Challenge
  15. The Pain
  16. The Gain
  17. Most of all, for always being Tall.


Here is a list poem I wrote in honor of all the things I’m grateful for this Holiday season. What are some things on your “I’m Grateful for..” List?


Water Themed Poems!

Out to Eat with Me

Can I please have a glass of wooder?

Water, okay, so what’s your order?

I would like some eggs with a side of scrabble.

Sorry, did you babble?

Think I need a minute, just the wooder.


Wash against the occupants.

Aquarius has no more reigns.

Terra crumples.

Each droplet of smog poisons the blue greenery creation

Rest, Rivers. Please Rest.



I had a poetry reading at my local coffee shop where I got to debut this short little poems. Please enjoy! More to come.

Also, it’s Giving Tuesday! Check out F*ck University’s IndieGoGo Campaign!–2#/



Recently, I rediscovered my 55-200mm lens for my camera. I used the lens for most of the pictures from my recent family vacation. Still learning how to manage the focus, but I’m proud of what I took. Let me know which one is your favorite! Some of these pictures are from my iPhone, taken in portrait mode.