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Sabrina specializes in readings for those who feel stuck, struggle with making life decisions, and need to find a good starting place for self reflection.


3 Card Spread with Clarifier Cards – $11.11

3 Card Tarot Spread clarified by 1 Animal Spirit Card and 1 Archangel Oracle Message Card.

1-1-1 Spread – $8.88

1 Tarot Card, 1 Animal Spirit, and 1 Archangel Message.

10 Card Special with Clarifier Cards- $22.22

10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread clarified by 1 Animal Spirit Card and 1 Archangel Card Message.

Dream Interpretation – $28

Did you have a striking dream filled with symbolism that you need help figuring out? Are you having a reoccurring dream?

With my Dream Interpretation Reading, you and I will have a conversation about your dream. The more details you can give me, the better. I will take the dream description and do my research. I will send you a typed up interpretation 2-3 days after you book. The Reading will include 1 Tarot Card, 1 Animal Card, and 1 Archangel Card to further clarify what your dream is about


“Thank you so much. that was so nurturing and comforting. Validating in my own pursuit to reinvent myself. It’s great to know that yes, pain happened, but victory and accomplishment is still out there for me. The pain was needed to access my strength and the newfound confidence that you mentioned. Pain allowed me to be stronger with my boundaries and to take care of myself, as I had poured my vulnerability to others. I enjoyed it and happy that I did this.”

Client #1

“You have no idea how much ALL OF THAT resonated with me. I’m in shock right now. I don’t even have all my thoughts together yet. I just feel so grateful and appreciative of you and that reading. Thank you again!

Client #2

Let’s cultivate greatness together.

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