A Poem I Wrote for a Self Image Prompt

When I look at you in the mirror

I see a woman, a young woman

with a soul that has lived many lives, and many more to go 

She has the body of fighter

One who always gets back up 

The gray strands prove you learn from

your mistakes, and you carry on

Less worried about how others see you through your looking glass

When I look at you in the mirror,

I envision everything you want for yourself

You will always have something in your hand

Whether it’s is a notebook and pen, a pocketbook

Your camera and a ring-light,

The car key and a doggie, 

You are abundant. 

You give and receive.

You put the work in, even if you don’t realize it

When I look at you in the mirror,

I want to tell you

you do not have to push yourself 

Rather take a rest to get back to center

There, you can focus and enter

Back into your groove

Your rhythm, It doesn’t have to be smooth

If you just let whatever emotions and pain you feel move through you 

Giving you a reason to heal,

To hope through the mope 

When I look at you in the mirror

I see all your ancestors on your face

and their strength helping you into a better place

I see your angels protecting you with their feathers and wings

I see your spirit guides holding keys and torches 

I see your lost loved ones by your side 

and you look into the mirror and 

You see me

Hi, I am yourSelf. 

Published by Sabrina Perri

I write screenplays and poetry.

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