Doors Closed – A Poem by Sabrina Perri

Go away. I mean it. 

Go away. 

I was desperate to put up a fight, 

Yet you walked out. 

Door Closed. 

Is that not what you wanted?

Oh, I do not know. 

Door Closed.

My shadow narrows from the light

laughing at me. 

Now, you go away. 

That is an order. 

Oh, please, you with your disorder. 

Door Closed.

Through the peephole,

I see them walking back into their world.

Desperate to reach out, 

I turned around,

back inside myself.

The Door Closed,

and I am left with my shadow. 

Or, is my shadow left with me?

You follow me a lot.

I have to go wherever you go.

Thank you for taking me many places. 

Were you sent here?

By the Light.

By the Light?

By the Light. 

You closed the door on the light. 

Did not.

Did, too, in the night. 

I swear with all my might.

You cannot push me out.

There is no door to close now.

Stuck in your room.

Filling yourself with doom. 

You booted everyone away.

Pay or Decay.

I look down at my shadow. 

Dark side is right. 

I have to use my might 

and hold loved ones tight 

Published by Sabrina Perri

I write screenplays and poetry.

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