An Example of Sabrina’s Dream Interpretation Reading

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I added “Dream Interpretations” to my reading shop. I have had a couple wonderful clients book with me about a dream or several dreams. I am fortunate to use one of my client’s reading as an example to show how I go about the reading. Before I start diving into my client’s previous reading, the dream reading happens in two parts. The first part of the reading involves my client describing the dream from their memory with as many details as possible. The more you give me, the better! After I receive the dream description, I do my research on specific details from the dream. I compile all the different meanings for each symbol, then start the second part of the interpretation. I perform a 1-1-1 card spreading using 1 Tarot Card, 1 Animal Spirit Card, and 1 Archangel Message where I ask the cards to clarify what is subconsciously going on with the client. Once I look over the cards, I write out the interpretation of the cards and how they apply to the messages from your dream. I conclude the reading with advice on how to confront the issue(s) from the dream in their day to day life. Okay, enough about how the reading goes, let me show you!

For this example, I will give a brief description of my client. She is in her late 20s and identifies as a lesbian. She was having a reoccurring dream about marrying their crush, who happens to be their boss’ daughter. Each time they get married, the marriage happens after odd circumstances. One example of these circumstances is the crush needed to get married to my client for her health insurance. The wedding’s always happen at the boss’ home, and it is a small intimate wedding.

“When I was researching the dream meaning of seeing your boss in your dreams, I found something interesting to note. To see your boss in your dream may indicate your over-involvement or obsession with your work. Since your dream does not pertain to your work itself rather your relationship with your boss and her family, you are over-involved in their life in a way. I think it is more on the lines that you are obsessed with their mother daughter dynamic, which is something you want to achieve. What I want to tell you is no mom-kid dynamic is the same. The support that your boss gives your crush is something that I believe you may be jealous of in a way, which I do not think there is inherently something wrong with. I think it is common to be jealous of other people’s parental support, and this is another thing you need to grief. You may not even be upset with how your parents have supported your choices, but they did not reach an expectation you set for yourself.”

“Let us start now with your unrequited crush on your boss’ daughter. You repetition of your dreams is a literal reflection of your feelings towards her. When you think about someone you like often, which naturally happens when you have romantic feelings, that they pop up in your dream. In your dreams, some of them have been of her breaking up with her partner, close to dying, and issues of acceptance of who you love; they are all projections of your own feelings towards her. You are actually sabotaging yourself from letting this go. Your dreams of her are projections of your own feelings. Now, the almost arranged marriage dreams. I think they represent this 2 becoming 1 aspect. I think having a crush on your boss’ daughter and not putting your needs first in all of the dreams with her shows that you are compromising yourself for the needs of others. One particular symbol represents this, and it is the white dress. White can be a purifying, but it can also “white wash” meaning cover up or sweep things under the rug. All the dreams do not have you and her dating before marrying, very similar to the timeline of an arranged marriage. You need to detach yourself from being a temporary fix for other people’s problems. You deserve better than that. All of the weddings happening in the spring time represent new beginnings. Warmth is all around you, and it is time to cultivate your fruitful future in love.”

“A big thing that speaks to me is the need to grief what could have been. Grief is not exclusive to someone dying. We have to grief all loses and all the things that could have been. This is something that I feel like your subconscious is pushing you to start doing. I think a way to look at this positively is your crush is a representation of what you are looking for in a partner. It is time to focus less on hoping this crush somehow ending up with you over circumstances not relating to actually falling in love at all. I think you are really focused on a partner who will please the people closest to you, and you need to start focusing on finding a partner that will please all the needs you want from love. Your love life is exactly that YOURS. Make your experiences unique to you. It will help you find a deeper source of self love that will allow you to be vulnerable in love.” 

“Now for the cards. Your tarot card is the 2 of Pentacles! You will be working on pulling back on how much you extend yourself to others. It is okay to set boundaries and limits for yourself on how much you want to do for the people closest to you. This adjustment will actually make you realize how resourceful and flexible you are! You are trying really hard to balancing life, and you are doing a great job! Let go of your inability to be able to provide for your crush in the ways you cannot. Your providing spirit will have a chance to thrive in a loving relationship. You just need be focused adapting to the changes in your life and working on making yourself your first priority.”

“Your animal spirit card is the Tarantula! You are at a crossroads and you are going to be claiming your life’s purpose. The habit of putting other’s needs before your own causes you to sidetrack at times, yet your inner voice is begging you to refocus your energy. It is time to weave a web that will catch all your manifestations, whether love, career, health, etc. The tarantula energy hovers around you with patience and calmness, knowing that you will make the right decisions. Until you start going after what truly makes you happy, satisfaction from your life will be fleeting. This is a good time to start journaling if you do not do so already. Follow your intuition and let repressed emotions come out. They will help guide you from repeating the past.”

“Your Archangel Oracle card is Life Review! Archangel Jeremiel says “Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.” This card, to me, speaks to your triplet dreams. The triplets represent your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself, particularly when it comes to love. Deep reflection will help you rebalance these three aspects of yourself.”

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the dream interpretation as much I enjoyed working on it. I cannot wait to do more of these readings in the future.

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