Experience: Gallon of Water per day challenge

Hey Guys and Gals! Sabrina here, wanting to honor my promise to share my experience drinking a gallon of water a day. The challenge allowed me to drink tea and coffee without sugar and milk. Personally, I already drink my coffee black, so this was not an adjustment for me. The goal of the challenge is to eliminate sugary drinks for the week, but I’m sure adding some honey or a teaspoon of sugar won’t break you. Some people use the water from their gallon for their tea and/or coffee, yet I advise you to not do that. 

During the first day of the challenge, I was drinking the water a little too fast. I primarily focused on getting through it, which taught me that I can take my time for the second day. The second day was difficult for me, considering I had a mild stomach bug. Despite the bug, I still pushed to drink the entire gallon of water, and I did! It felt great not giving up on the challenge. My symptoms from the bug did not last longer that a few hours, thanks to the water. 

By the third day, I really started feeling refreshed. I started waking up in the morning with my alarm clock without wanting to go back to sleep instantaneously. If you are like me and have sleep inertia, getting up in the morning is tough. Drinking enough water really kicked it out of my system. Another benefit from being hydrated was curved hunger. Of course, I was hungry when it was meal time. However, I did not feel hungry again an hour after eating. This day of the challenge was the day I decided I needed to make drinking this much water a part of my daily routine. I enjoy feeling hydrated, and realized I probably was walking around slightly dehydrated for way too long. 

The rest of the challenge was a breeze. I noticed my body was not reacting harshly to the rising temperatures. I am very sensitive to temperature change, but being hydrated helped my body regulate the change. My skin felt softer, and my acne went down significantly. Honestly, I do not have any cons for this challenge. I will share that this challenge is easier if you have a gallon water bottle, but buying seven is not great for environment. My suggestion, which I did, is buy only two gallon water bottles and refill them with Brita or filter water. You reduce your waste, and you have an accurate measurement of a gallon! It helps to keep your drinking water separate from your Brita. 

I have been keeping up my water intake since finishing the challenge. I weighed myself on the last day, noticing I shed a few pounds. Highly recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to restart their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Published by Sabrina Perri

I write screenplays and poetry.

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