Did Anyone Order Astrology Predictions for Bob’s Burgers?

Hey, everyone. I’m glad to see you again! Listen, I just want to share a quick update before I start. The Coronavirus and the straight hysteria drives my anxiety crazy. Instead using my nervous energy towards spiraling and overthinking, I will channel it in my writing and hobbies. Plug time, only for a second! Make sure to check out my Instagram, @sabrinaeperri, if you are interested in booking a Tarot Reading with me. Pricing is in the photo’s description. ALSO, go follow the project I am producing’s INSTAGRAM @f.u.niversity! I started posting some stuff on there. Check it out and maybe you’ll learn something. 

Okay, now, the real reason for this blog post. Due to recent events, I have reigned “Bob’s Burgers” to be my favorite tv show. It was my favorite, then Bojack came, but now Bojack moved down a spot. I will discuss that reason at a later time. Yeah, Bob’s Burgers is my favorite tv show. Animation is not for everyone, so I understand if you have never watched it or do not like even after giving it a shot. In my opinion, it is one of best episodic animated series on tv. The cast of characters grow more into themselves with each season that is it so hard to not love them for all their quirks. Obviously, each character has their distinctions. As a long time fan and astrology lover, I began to speculate what sun sign these fictional characters were born under. Throughout the season, it has been made clear that Linda is a Gemini and Gene a Sagittarius. I was only left guess the other three Belchers, and Teddy, because he is a main cast member. When my understanding of astrology grew and I learned about the importance of your “Big 3,” I decided to create some theoretical “Big 3” predictions for the cast of Bob’s Burgers. 

You ready to find out?

I want to start with a fan favorite, Linda Belcher. A Gemini, Linda loves to talk and crack jokes! We see that often, especially when Linda talks to background characters at a house party. Gemini love art, music, and film, a big reason for all her singing. Of course, Gemini’s need their alcohol. Linda always has a bottle lying around the house. But, what else do we know about Linda? We know that she enjoys being the Mama bear, extremely protective and supportive towards her family. This characteristic applies to her relationship with her other family members, especially Gail. Her love is passionate, leading her emotions to be filled with passion as well. This fiery energy leads me to believe Linda has a Leo Moon. Leo moon also love to be the center of attention, something Linda is notorious for. What about her rising sign, the first sign people see? Well, I think Linda has a Taurus Rising. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Taurus, which I find applies to Linda’s outward personality. She can appear to be stubborn and aggressive towards people in her way. Whether that means driving or in the grocery store. A Taurus Rising loves sleeping, and Linda loves to snuggle in bed with her Bobby.

Now, let’s talk about Gene, who is a total Sagittarius. Gene is adventurous, spontaneous, progressive, and loves his freedom. Sagittarians do not like being bossed around, which Gene never allows to happen. I keep thinking of the line in one of the episodes where he says “Tell that to my vagina!” Then, Mickey, a bank robber, questions if he is a boy. It’s a funny scene. Anyway, Gene has a child-like outward persona. He is not as immature as he was in the early scenes, but he expresses his inner child immediately upon meeting new people. Some people would consider him to be immature, but I am trying to be nice here. He also tends to star things without finishing, or he will do the famous “Gene-ing out.” So, I have concluded that Gene’s rising sign is Aries. On an emotional level, I discovered that Gene understands a lot of his emotions, but does not open up about them much. He also really loves comfort and food. Honestly, I think he has a cancer moon. Gene can show a crabby side when pushed in direction that makes him uncomfortable. 

A character who I went back and forth on figuring out was Bob. He drive towards his dream of owning and running his own restaurant despite the setbacks and low customer count tripped me when it came to figuring out his sun sign. At first, this perservance made me believe he could be an Earth sign. Honestly, I could not really find one to fit his sun sign. However, this immediate response to him makes me believe he has a Capricorn Rising. A common theme among Capricorn rising is never having a childhood, which Bob often reflects on throughout the show. Earth signs tend to focus a lot on money, which Bob does not really do. He is not in it for the money, even though he needs it. Making burgers is his dream. Then, I started to realize, Bob is a dreamy guy. He makes up voicing for inanimate objects so he can have a conversation with himself. Bob tends to be stuck in his past, especially when it comes to his interests from his childhood. All this got me thinking that Bob is a Pisces! There, I said it. He loves to do things for others, often never giving himself necessary days off or alone time. Now, what about his emotional, inward side? To examine this side of Bob, you really have to look at how he interacts with the kids. Bob is definitely the favorite parent. The kids love to play with Bob, and spend quality time around him. He lets them be whoever they want to be without judgement. Bob is a model father figure, FYI. Be more like Bob, dads. Anyway, Bob is fair with all the kids. His fairness and being well liked leads me to believe Bob has his moon in Libra. Yeah, I said it. 

Teddy was an easy main character for me to figure out. He is definitely a Scorpio Sun. He holds onto grudges and the past, often getting angry when the feelings around those elements arise. He is somewhat of a ladies man. Always looking for love or talking about an ex. Also, he does not move on from anyone or anything. Very much Scorpio energy. Teddy’s willingness to always give a helping hand, especially when it comes to his inward persona, makes me believe that he has a Pisces Moon. I mean, he lets his emotional side rule him. And, he is a hoarder. Now, what sign tells all when Teddy gives a first impression? Teddy definitely comes off intense, not always in the good way. He can talk a lot, or say something awkward. That does stop him from talking to people. Since he can be an off-putting chatter box, I have to say his rising sign is Gemini. 

For Louise, she definitely has a lot of mystical energy around her. She is good at communicating and leading the pack. Her first impression is intense. She is one tough cookie you do not want to mess with, making her a Leo Rising. Louise definitely not one want to be apart of the crowd. She likes to be different and be ‘weird.’ Yeah, she is like the poster child for Aquarius suns. Swift communicator, she does always look out for the greater good. Now, what about her emotional side? Louise is actually a very deep character. She will seek revenge when crossed, hold a grudge even on someone hurting her loved one, and finally emotionally closed off to most of the world. In the episode where Bob saves the Wharf, amidst drowning, Louise says “I love you guys, but let’s keep that between us.” She keeps her emotions a secret, only every really acting out of frustration or anger. Louise has a moon in Scorpio without a doubt. 

Saved the best for last. Even if you do not know anything about the other characters, chances are you know who Tina is. She might be the most notable character in the show for her relatable hormone changes and obsession with horses. Definitely, Tina had to be born under the sun in Cancer. Cancers fall in love with strangers so fast, then love fantasize scenarios where they fall in love. Cancers are also very caring, which Tina exhibits when babysitting her siblings. Although, they almost always bulldoze her leadership. Tina gives off a dreamy first impression. She appears to be in her own world, yet in tune with her surroundings. This leads me to saying she is a Pisces Rising. It also adds to daydreams and fantasies, often written down in her erotic fan fictions. Speaking of her fan fictions, Tina’s emotions are ruled by love. Tina has a passion for love, and this fiery energy leads to her to creative pursuits. I would have to say that Tina has an Aries Moon. Even though Aries moon are assumed to be all about themselves, Aries energy is extremely protective and caring for others, even when they know it might not be in their better interest. 

So, to recap:

Linda Belcher is a Gemini Sun, Taurus Rising, and Leo Moon.

Gene Belcher is a Sagittarius Sun, Aries Rising, and Cancer Moon.

Bob is a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising, and Libra Moon.

Teddy is a Scorpio Sun, Gemini Rising, and Pisces Moon.

Louise has an Aquarius Sun, Leo Rising, and Scorpio Moon.

Thank you for reading! I hope everyone enjoyed my take on what I believe are the ‘Big 3’ for each main character in Bob’s Burgers. Let me know what your thoughts are! Do you agree or disagree, and why? I’ll be posting more this week, so make sure to follow me! 

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