Visual Prompt #1

Recently, I created a very bare skeleton of a character for a new feature. In an effort to flesh out this idea, I collected pictures from the internet for writing prompts. I want to post them to make my writing process transparent. These might be rough, but they are writing exercises. I want to hold less judgment and share more. Please enjoy. DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to these images.


Goodnight. Close your eyes. Darkness.  I see the squiggles behind the eyes, emulating the light. Stillness. The stomps from your upstairs neighbors break your consideration. You need to be lucid to look for the answers reality has yet to show. Intend for this to happen. It will happen. I ask for a message of protection. You intend to lucid dream, and intend, and intend, and intend. 


You just fell asleep. 

In the dream, the Blessed Mother with a neon blue halo visits. You have no control. For once, losing control feels good. It is truly time to reset. 

The lucid dream is in the living. Sleep to recharge. Wake up in the morning to implement the intended reality. 


Published by Sabrina Perri

I write screenplays and poetry.

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